Core Topics

Friend and Enemy Colors---a new approach to color with Munsell? [Color] (1)
Color Bracketing with Munsell [Color] (1)
Chroma Equalizer---the color mixing challenge! [Color] (1)
Studio Furniture for Lumbar problems [Materials] (4)
Varnishes used as Final Surface Coatings (U. of Delaware) [Materials] (2)
Selecting the Right Varnish for Your Painting (Natural Pigments) [Materials] (1)
Mahl stick [Materials] (3)
Problem with paint surface using Ivory Black [General Painting] (6)
3 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Drawing Heads and Faces by Austin R. Williams [General Drawing] (1)
The Problem with Warm and Cool by Paul Foxton [Color] (4)
The Claude Glass as an 18th-Century Instagram [Materials] (1)
Painting Surface [Materials] (3)
Shadows - heuristics and truths [Color] (2)
Basic Color Terms (The work of Berlin and Kay) [Color] (1)
Chromatic Aberration [Color] (6)
Warm-Lights-Cool-Shadows and Vice Versa [Color] (1)
To oil out or not? [General Painting] (8)
Line... DFT aka Differantly [General Drawing] (1)
Removing raw umber drawing lines from lead primed panel [Materials] (10)
Question on medium [Materials] (3)
Executing Seamless Gradations in Charcoal/Pastel (e.g., LoD Gradation Blocks) [General Drawing] (5)
Fun Color Discrimination Challenge! [Color] (6)
A Look at the World's Blackest Material [Materials] (7)
How long do I wait before varnishing an oil painting? [Materials] (1)
Battery Pencil Sharpeners [Materials] (3)
Practical Application for a Knowledge of Perceptual Mechanisms [General Drawing] (1)
Easel and Palette Lights [Materials] (14)
Simulating Optically Variable Ink on Currency [General Painting] (7)
Translucent/thin fur [General Drawing] (1)
Reds: what are the real differences in core red colors? [Core Topics] (13)