Core Topics

Exactly HOW does Varnish or Oiling Out affect the appearance of Oil Paint? [Materials] (5)
Painting medium [Materials] (4)
Mixing a neutral 'black' glaze - quick tip [Color] (3)
Maintaining Methodologies [General Painting] (4)
Lint and Dust [Materials] (5)
Oiling Out and the Cause of Dead Spots in Oil Paintings [General Painting] (1)
20 things you didn't know about color [Color] (2)
A Sketchy History Of Pencil Lead | NPR's SKUNK BEAR [Materials] (1)
A New Study Looks at the Logic Behind Colors [Color] (1)
Proximity Alert! [General Drawing] (1)
Language of Drawing Cone Cumulative Drawing by Leah Waichulis [General Drawing] (3)
Colourblindness [Color] (1)
Question on edges [Composition] (6)
Easel options: how to hold panels? [Materials] (13)
Perceptual Adaptation: Undershooting and Overshooting Values [General Drawing] (7)
Overshooting Reflected Lights Exercise [General Drawing] (3)
Question on color mixing (pinks) [Color] (4)
Restoring Old Brushes (by Utrecht Art Supplies) [Materials] (1)
Painting and Paper Towel use [Materials] (1)
A Brief Introduction to the Munsell Color System [Color] (1)
Friend and Enemy Colors---a new approach to color with Munsell? [Color] (1)
Color Bracketing with Munsell [Color] (1)
Chroma Equalizer---the color mixing challenge! [Color] (1)
Studio Furniture for Lumbar problems [Materials] (4)
Varnishes used as Final Surface Coatings (U. of Delaware) [Materials] (2)
Selecting the Right Varnish for Your Painting (Natural Pigments) [Materials] (1)
Mahl stick [Materials] (3)
Problem with paint surface using Ivory Black [General Painting] (6)
3 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Drawing Heads and Faces by Austin R. Williams [General Drawing] (1)
The Problem with Warm and Cool by Paul Foxton [Color] (4)