Website review/critique group

(Jeffrey Hayes) #1

Hi Leah & Anthony,

I wanted to propose an idea for this forum - a peer review group where we could look at and critique each others’ websites and possibly even social media presences.

This would not be about discussing the artwork, per se, but would be focused on the online presentation of it, which is something I think many of us struggle with.

The subject might fall slightly outside the scope of this forum (or then again maybe not), but I think this kind of feedback could be of substantial value to those of us who are working artists.

I’m going live with a new website next week, and would be happy to offer myself up for the first round of criticism once it’s in place.


(Anthony Waichulis) #2

This is an absolutely fantastic idea Jeff! Organized feedback on web presence is something I haven’t seen offered anywhere else. I’ll set up the category today.

Thank you!

(Jeffrey Hayes) #3

Awesome. I’ll post my new site there next week.

(John McCuin) #4

Heck yeah! I’m totally down with this!