Alla Prima Challenges

For anyone that is looking to sharpen up their alla prima skills, here are the 20 Alla Prima Challenges that we shared with our Facebook painting groups. Each one has very specific parameters that define the challenge (including time-frame (most are 30 minutes), palette draw* limits, pre-mixing**, stroke direction, etc.) Give them a try!

*The palette draw rule means that after a certain number of brushstrokes you must pull more paint from the palette (reloading the brush). This is done to ensure that you are not over-modeling the study relative to the challenge (i.e., unwarranted surface manipulation that leads to value/color contamination or excessive “blending” without drawing development or material application.) For example, a 5 stroke palette draw rule means that you can only apply 5 strokes before you must wipe and/or reload the brush—thus encouraging the artist think more “economically” about brushwork.

Pre-mixing ** here refers to the mixing of colors specific to the subject beforehand. Mixing can be done on the palette but it must occur within the time frame allotted for the exercise.

Triple threat Thursday parameters: 1. Lemon (or other object that is primarily “yellow”) against a black background. 2. 30-minutes or less. 3. DOWNWARD vertical strokes only with the 5-stroke palette draw rule in effect.