Digital version of LOD Dvd's

i was wondering if a digital version for download of LOD is available, shipping cost is as much expensive as the dvd for dhl, and post shipping is sure to get lost in my country.


Hi Sow,

Have you downloaded Visual Language Core from the resources section of Anthony’s website? I believe this is the most recently published version of the written instruction for the Waichulis curriculum.

My understanding is that there isn’t a complete version of the LOD/LOP videos available for download.

Drawing Clinic: First Steps covers a couple of the LOD exercies, though I’m not sure whether the video content is exactly the same. This video on Anthony’s Vimeo channel may also be useful.

The Language of Drawing

Three-Disc DVD set, Student Binder, Companion Text on CD

  • Disc 1- Introduction, Materials, First Marks, Pressure Scales, Gradations, Gradation Patterns
  • Disc 2- Introduction, Form Box, The Sphere, The Cylinder, Creative Project Supplement
  • Disc 3- Introduction, Review, The Cone, The Cube, The Gauntlet, Natural Forms Supplement
  • Student Binder featuring Shape Replication, Gradation Block and Gradation Pattern Model Sheets

I asked Anthony about this a year ago. He said it was something they were working on, but that it wasn’t going to happen soon. I think they are just super busy with other things. In the end, I went ahead and ordered the physical DVD set.

The price of shipping and import taxes might seem crazy, but it’s still worth it.

Also worth mentioning that The Da Vinci Initiative has a free course, Bargue and the 21st Century. That could be a good starting point, while you wait for delivery.

yeah, hope they get it online, worst in my case, it get easily lost.

If getting physical copies of LOD/LOP is completely impractical, then I would suggest having a look at Sadie Valeri’s online courses. Her curriculum is the closest alternative to Anthony’s that I have found.

Instead of LOD, you would want to do “Cast Drawing (Graphite)”, which includes the other two graphite courses, and then the charcoal courses.

Just to reiterate, the text of LOD/LOP (together with some additional exercises) is freely available on Anthony’s website under the name Visual Language Core. VLC plus Sadie’s courses might be a suitable replacement, but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t completed either.