Martin’s sketchbook

when i don’t have the set-up or time to get stuck into the LoD program, like tonight, I try to draw something, even if i only get a little way in, i can finish it next time, this one i’m leaving ‘as is’, as i got what i was after from it, i’ll save the rendering for when i know how to do it, getting far better likenesses nowadays, i know i still have a long way to go, but hey, of particular help was a post on this site about notans, refining the shoreline i think it was. really helped me focus on the shapes more and look at the overall scheme as interlocking patterns.


a quick and small copy (20-30 mins) after a Mucha self portrait. i didn’t have enough time to develop this as far as i should have liked (it needs a much bigger value range for example) but it came out looking similar and full of character which the original definitely does.


These look great Martin! :smiley:

quick selfie tonight


tried to do a quick sketch with generals charcoal pencil tonight, far rougher than the graphite, are these just better suited to larger scale drawing or should I simply be sharpening a lot throughout to get the finer lines i’m used to.


i love the style of the graphite one.

the charcoal just works a lot differently than graphite. a sharp point can help a lot, and a different approach to shading areas… but you’re probably only going to get a comparably smooth finish by blending black and white into each other. which until you get accustomed to it can be very challenging. it was for me anyway.

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haven’t had a chance to do more pressure scales (got my paper and drawing board all prepped for it though) but christened a new sketchbook tonight - figured this would aid in identification if it ever goes walkabout:-


I haven’t had much time for art lately, but did manage to do this small painting of my little boy sleeping:-

I have regained access to my easel now and stuck my drawing board on it tonight, so there will definitely be some more dark pressure scale practice incoming :slight_smile:


Awesome Martin! :smiley:

And another one!


I’ve only done a couple of actual sketches lately and also been neglecting my LoD progress, but no more, my drawing board is back on the easel now that I have finished this cheeky painting (as a present for my mother) tried a more piece by piece finish as you go, scott waddell style approach to this and quite enjoyed it:-

I also tried a seascape on a rare day off which I struggled with all the way, so much to learn… but it at least does look halfway like sand, sea and sky, and I don’t seem to be able to paint anything without putting my little boy in it either. So onward to some wholesome light pressure scale exercises.


Great Stuff. I especially like the seascape. I think you’re being to harsh on yourself. It’s very effective. I can never get the colours right on landscapes and seascapes.

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Thanks Thomas!

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Did a small sketch of Peter from Dawn of the Dead last night. I’ve been enjoying the Goblin soundtrack from the movie while I work from home (in between sneaking in a pressure scale or two) suitably dystopian/apocalyptic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: