Transcendin into the 5th Dimension

Hi all,

It’s been slow in getting this almost done… severe sciatica kicked in from my herniated discs. So I have to be careful not to paint 8-10 hours like i used to☹️ Strategy is baded on no more than 6.
This was challenging as I changed the background. It is imaginative and produced by collaging in photoshop and using a shot of my model that was orginally a bluer light source. I changed the temperature to make it believable.

I can’t post this on social as its being submitted for a submission call. The theme is Chronicles of a Future Untold or Painting the Figure Now. My idea is based on the 9 dimensions in the law of attraction. Her spirit has evolved and is moving out of the 3/4 dimension of material world of chaos and purgatory into the higher vibration and frequency of the 5th. This is the frequency of oneness, light, peace. May have to tweak the green frequency mesh. Not is my crappy iphone dhot that has glare here and there.