Welcome to Smartermarx.com

Thank you for your joining our growing community of creatives! My name is Anthony Waichulis, and I am a professional artist, educator and the co-founder/curriculum designer for The Waichulis Studio and The Ani Art Academies. Upon completion of my visual arts education, I began to develop a great interest in the neurobiological underpinnings of the creative activities that I remain so very passionate about. That interest unlocked a wealth of invaluable insight into the “art experience” through a formal study of neuroscience, modern vision science, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology/psychology and newly emerging, interdisciplinary fields like neuroaesthetics. As such, my wife and esteemed colleague, Leah Waichulis and I have launched this online forum to more effectively share and archive our resources, provide an uncluttered social space for creatives, advance the knowledge in our areas of interest, and to see that this knowledge is built on explanatory principles whose verifiable consequences can be tested by independent observers/practitioners.

And as with any other effective pursuit of knowledge, at Smartermarx you will find that verifiable facts, a diverse community, critical thinking, and rational discourse will fuel the machine.

Smartermarx.com will be open to all interested parties for a $1.00 per month subscription fee. This fee will allow us to offset the hosting and maintenance of this service without a need to rely on advertisements. Again, we are very happy to have you join us here at Smartermarx.com!

Anthony Waichulis