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Membership and How to Join!

To sign up for your Smartermarx account, simply click on the signup button in the top left of the main page or click ‘create your account’ on the Welcome pop-up. Simply fill out the required fields and you should be on your way. If you have any issues please email us at

Getting Started

Here are a number of resources to help you get started on Smartermarx!

Meet & Greet

Here's your opportunity to introduce yourself to your fellow Smartermarx members.

Artist & Educator Resources

This category contains instructional resources. For example, you can share educational videos, tutorials, and articles with the community.

Core Topics

The Core topics category is for subjects such as color, composition, materials, and framing.


Topics in this category contain information related to specific areas of study like Still Life, Landscape, Portrait, and Figure.

Art Biz

Art Biz is for posting resources, information, and questions about subjects such as Galleries, Promotion, Branding, and Commissions.

Artist's Lounge

The Artist's Lounge is a place where you can grab your coffee, wine, (or something stronger), and hang out with your colleagues and discuss whatever you like (obviously continuing to adhere to the Smartermarx Code of Conduct). If a particularly insightful conservation stirs up we may save it and move it to a more appropriate section of the forum. Have fun~~~~

Critique Corner

Post your artwork here to be critiqued by your peers.

News & Events

Post information about upcoming events that may be of interest to the community. For example, share upcoming exhibits, workshops, lectures, or contests.

Art History

This section is for discussing topics related to Art History. Feel free to post artwork from past and contemporary artists here.

Sketchbook Nook

Thanks to a wonderful idea from artist @bedwardewald (Bryan Ewald), we have added this category for sharing sketches and doodles that often go unseen among many online galleries of more "finished" works. I look forward to seeing what people share.

Site Feedback

This area is for discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.