A much closer look at some fairly common art materials

Here’s a look at a number of materials you might encounter as an artist. Think you can identify some of them? (I’ll post answers in the comments below.)

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Here are my guesses:-

  1. linen canvas
  2. ballpoint pen
  3. paper
  4. cotton canvas
  5. corona virus
  6. handmade paper
  7. calcium carbonate
  8. wood panel
  9. knife blade/edge
  10. salt grains
  11. some sort of finely ground pigment
  12. crystals of something like lapis lazuli
  13. charcoal
  14. old cracked varnish
  15. looks like zoomed out 13 from a different angle, charcoal pencil tip perhaps.


  1. Arches Cotton Rag Paper (1000x)
  2. Ballpoint Pen (30X)
  3. Graphite Layers from Pencil (5000x)
  4. Cotton Fibers (40x)
  5. Chalk (6500x)
  6. Edge of Paper (100x)
  7. Zinc Oxide (20000x)
  8. Wood (150x) (updated)
  9. Titanium Dioxide Coated Pigment Particle (30000x)
  10. Salt (150X)
  11. Ultramarine Blue Pigment (10000x)
  12. Pearlescent Pigment (2000x)
  13. Charcoal (unknown)
  14. Graphite on Paper (925.6x optical)
  15. Graphite Lead from Mechanical Pencil (500x)
  16. Hematite (an Iron Oxide pigment (100x))
  17. Graphite Powder (4000x)
  18. Razor Blade (10000x)