A question please

So, I tried to enter to my account from another device since this laptop is about to die but I can’t. Would you please sent me a link or something? I also tried to change password and that didn’t work either. Thank you so much for your time and sorry for bothering.

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Hi Irene! Everything on your account looks fine. Your email is listed as:


I sent you a password reset link. If that does not work I can take further steps to try and reset the account from here. Just let me know. It’s no problem at all!

Also–I’m not sure if it matters for sign in but your username has an underscore:

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Hi Anthony, thank you so much for your response. So, I tried again to the new laptop to log in. I have changed password and also requested link but still I can see everything but can’t react. On top right there’s the Log In but it’s not working so I really don’t know what to do. I am replying from my old laptop to you now. And althouhg I have changed password I am still in. So weird… Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hmmmmm… It is weird. I’ll keep looking into it. Let me know if there is any change. Did you get the password reset link that I sent you?

I did. I changed the password and then I also asked for link and entered the new password. It opened but I can only see and not post or comment or like and the Log In sign on left top is not working when I click. It’s really weird. This never happened. Do you think that it is happening because I am still logged in to my other laptop. I am afraid to log out. What if I am unable to log in again?? :scream:

LOL! I am sure that we can figure it out. Go ahead and log out on the laptop. If you have any issue signing back in, just email me at yychuls@gmail.com and we will figure it out. Don;t worry. :stuck_out_tongue:

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.Okay, scared but will do.

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Well it’s gonna happen anyway if the laptop is dying. We’ll get it.

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