Anatomy 360

Anatomy 360: Free App with Premium Content for Purchase

Anatomy 360 is a new app that allows users to rotate, light and even animate a variety of 3d models to their liking. There have been similar apps like this before, but none with this level of detail of customization.


Anatomy 360 represents a stepchange in photographic reference. Working from 2D images can be tricky, Anatomy 360 changes everything by allowing you to rotate, light and shade the model exactly how you want it.

"For instance, you can purchase a high resolution 3D model of a head, and light it any way you like, to use as reference for a painting. The level of realism you can achieve, without any 3D experience, is kind of mind-boggling. Some of these 3D models are more than adequate to use as a substitute for a real model

The other great thing about Anatomy 360 is that the App itself is free. Instead, they make money by selling models and poses. This means that you can get started using the program with very little financial investment, just $10 or so. Further more, the pay-per-model system also ensures that the company will be releasing new models regularly." -Muddy Colors (


I have a friend that was asking me about this. It’s funny… I was a 3D animator and that was my major and then went into painting. The lighting tools in 3 d with the proper rendering program makes it very believable. I.e.: lord of the rings… environments.
Thx for posting Tony. I’m going to download this software:-) highly in agreement with this as a tool!