Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (01-23-2022)

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Congratulations to Laurie Szilvagyi! Her Trompe L’Oeil painting Paper, Tape or Grapes (11x14", Oil on Panel) has been selected for the upcoming National Juried Exhibition 2022. This exhibit will be held at the Emporium Center for Arts and Culture Knoxville, TN. The National Juried Exhibition was developed in 2006 to provide a forum for artists to compete on a regional scale and display their highest quality work. The exhibition encompasses all styles and genres from both emerging and established artists working in various media and will feature selected works from 50 artists throughout the region. The show will be up from February 4th till February 26th, 2022.

We are all excited for Diane Davich Craig and Julie Beck to be part of the upcoming The Listening Room exhibit at Robert Lange Studios. Diane’s painting What A Wonderful World (30x30", Oil on Panel) and Julie’s painting Circles: The Wind Set Down in Funnel Form (12x9", Oil on Panel) will be a part of the collection of still-life paintings with an element of music. The show opens on April 1st, 2022.
Also, please take a moment and check out Diane’s fantastic presentation of her new work: What A Wonderful World .

Check out these commissions by Wendy Wagner! The playful kitty one reminds me of Charles Bargue gesture drawings :slight_smile:

Congratulations to Lorena Pugh! Her painting Calm Marsh (20x16", Oil on Panel) was accepted for the Tonalism Today show at Salmagundi Club, New York, NY. The exhibition celebrates the neutral hues and soft atmospheric effects of Tonalism. Working within a limited color palette of closely related colors, Tonalists aspired to emulate musicality and inspire contemplation. Show dates: January 31th – February 18th, 2022.

Show Reminder!
Jamie’s Lindholm painting Roots of Universal Optimism (36x24", Oil on Panel) was selected for inclusion with The New Vanguard: Explorations into the New Contemporary III exhibition at Keep Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. The exhibition will run from January 17th to February 19th, 2022

Thank you, Alexandra Smith, for letting everyone know about the Apple Phones Camera formats. When a picture is taken by the apple phone, it is saved in HEIC format. HEIC is not compatible with all of the devices, which results in people not being able to open those file formats on their phones, laptop, or computers. To change your apple camera format, please follow the steps below.

How to take JPEG pictures on your iPhone instead of HEIC:

  1. Go to Settings > Camera.
  2. Tap Formats.
  3. Tap Most Compatible.

Thank you, Lorena Pugh, for recommending Horsehair Cloth, which can be used to remove dust from a painting.

Thank you, Diane Davich Craig, for recommending these Clip On Reading Glasses that can be clipped on prescription glasses.

Thank you, Natalie Featherston, and everyone else who was involved in getting me this gift! I love the mug - it is perfect and extremely accurate!

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