Artist Statement

Feel free to tell me if it is lame ! :sweat_smile: (1st attempt)


Itโ€™s great John! --with an awesome photo as well. :smiley:

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10 coats of gesso? :open_mouth:

Yup :slight_smile: . Do a number of panels at a time too. As take 5 days to prep (2 coats a day).

As I send this message Iโ€™m just painting the backs of six boards that recently gessoed so nice and neat :slight_smile:

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You did a good job. The most important for me in a reading like this, is to feel if someone stays authentic and close to him/herself, and you did just that :+1:


Wow, the backs look great! :heart_eyes:

Iโ€™m curious about the number of coats- do you feel it makes a difference in absorbance or is it more for smoothness?

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Thankyou. Hopefully the fronts will be good too :slight_smile:

Well less coats would probably be enough to prevent absorbancy but when sanding you want a nice even surface with no risk of going back to the board. I take (probably a bit paranoid) extra step of an initial layer of gac100 to seal the board.

I know that way I have confidence in the panel during the painting process and that they will last long after. You invest a lot of time painting pieces. So you donโ€™t want that work undone by rushing the foundations.