Basic Strategies Re: Art Galleries & Representation

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Please join me (Anthony Waichulis) in examining an array invaluable insights from several celebrated gallerists as we explore basic strategies for successful art gallery representation. Included are contributions from Principle Gallery’s Clint Mansell, Legacy Gallery’s Scott Jones, Lovetts Gallery’s Jack Summers, Robert Lange Studios’ Megan and Robert Lange, and Rehs Contemporary GalleriesLance Rehs.

Part 1 runtime: 1:06:10
Part 2 runtime: 1:11:28

Basic Strategies for today’s Artists: Galleries (Part 1): Private video on Vimeo

Basic Strategies for today’s Artists: Galleries (Part 2): Private video on Vimeo

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This was a fantastic presentation! Great information!


I really felt like I gained a lot of information from this. I appreciate all the hard work from everyone to put this together as well as the contributions directly from the top gallery owners. This is great that I can revisit the information here. Robert Lange had said that most of his artists paint 50 or more hours a week and I have tried timing myself with an app on my phone to try to meet that goal. (Not easy - I turn off the timer every time I leave the easel for anything) And that is just one of the many things I am trying to improve to be the kind of painter that could work well for a good gallery. Thank you!


Wow, can’t wait to check this out—thanks!

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This was so inspiring for me to watch and listen while painting. Great information!! As most of my career, I have been a portrait painter and wanted to be more of a gallery painter. I always got my own work but I would rather the gallery do this. It is exhausting and you never know when a sale is coming in if you are not on top of everything. I find I am then painting less as you said Tony.
I am just getting familiar with the gallery world and I think you so much for you generosity sharing with us.
Where is Leah’s part??? I was dying to hear what she had to say!!!:smile:

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where were you???

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Leah’s part is here:

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Thank you :blush: Trying to stay in the loop!!!

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You and me both! LOL!

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Thanks Anthony!!! I listened to both lectures. It was nice to hear the gallery owner’s point of view.


Great content Tony!:pray:

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