How "Real" are Vermeer's Paintings?

“We think of Johannes Vermeer as a meticulous detailer of the everyday. But his paintings and those of his contemporaries have more to do with each other than life in the Dutch Republic, writes Alastair Sooke.”

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interesting article. i have to say, just for entertainment purposes alone, “tim’s Vermeer” is a must see. very very interesting as well…

i also highly doubt tim jenison has never painted before. just mixing the colors alone and his work on the fabric would be impossible for someoen who had never painted. just my opinion. regardless, an entertaining movie.

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You know, I shared this article in another group and several people brought up the same things (That Tim’s Vermeer is a must see and that a few of the claims are slightly dubious! LoL!). I haven’t seen it yet but it’s definitely on my list. Thanks Mark!