How to Write an Artist Statement?

Hello art friends,

Maxwell was recently asked to submit an artist statement for a publication. We did some research online, but all of the information we found on artist statements was very ambiguous and sometimes contradictory. The example statements we found were also… not our taste. We encountered a lot of things like “white paper disgusts me”, “life is a fragile, beautiful thing”, or my personal favorite “I am discovering a technique which at first glance might be confused with the known”. :roll_eyes:
We were able to put together an acceptable statement for the publication, but the process was like pulling teeth and we still aren’t 100% happy with the result. Max described it well: For artists who focus on learning and development, this experience is very unpleasant because you’re forced to brag about the thing you’re developing.
I’m wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience with writing an artist statement? Or, hopefully, someone has had a much more pleasant experience and could give us some suggestions?


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Hi Rachel!
One of the classes that was required as part of my Masters was the Business of Art. The required book for the course was Art Workby Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber. This book is great for every aspect your art business actually. The other book I found very helpful was Art-Write by Vicki Krohn Amorose. Art-Write is specifically focused on “crafting effective artist statements and promotional materials”. I really liked it because it was not a book of templates, but rather provided the framework and thought processes around creating your own personal statements. Anyway, I hope they help!


Thanks so much Jamie! I was able to find an e-book of Art Work on Google Books for only $18! Just downloaded and am excited to read it. No e-book available for Art-Write, but I’ll keep looking. I’m sure I can order a physical copy for next time I’m in the US. Thanks again, I really appreciate the tips! :smile:

Here’s a pretty good set of guidelines Rachel!

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Thank Anthony, this list is great!

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