Keep your Brain Healthy!


While a good number of my posts are about exploring the art experience via an understanding of human neurophysiology and perceptual neuroscience—an important aspect often overlooked is how to keep the brain healthy so as to allow us to continue to engage in productive, fulfilling pursuits such as art and science. One brilliant neuroscientist, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, has shifted gears in her career from mechanisms of memory to explore just that. And no, the answer to a healthy brain is not playing games like “luminosity” or taking “brain boosting” vitamins (aside from those understood to prevent brain damage due to malnutrition.) The answer is simply physical exercise.

Many of us find ourselves locked into a very sedentary lifestyle which can usher in physical/chemical changes in the brain that can lead to attention deficits, undesirable mood issues, and significant problems with recall—no to mention, leaving us more susceptible to the effects of neurodegenerative disease. Exercise is a powerful way to turn the tide. I can tell you that general exercise was heavily emphasized in a number of the neuroscience classes I took whenever brain health was front and center.

So if you are like me in that a good deal of your day is spent sitting/standing at a desk or easel—give Dr. Suzuki a few minutes of your time. Heeding her message can have an amazing impact on your life.