New Studio Setup - probably a bit excessive :-)

Due to hurting my shoulder I need to stand and draw sometimes and wanted a bigger drawing surface so I went a little nuts and made a 4 x 8 foot board with a metal backing so I can use magnets to easily move my drawings around.

So far I love it, its very solid and love the extra working area!


WOW! Al this is an incredible setup. It’s like you’re the captain of the USS Rouleau!!! LOL!

Thanks for sharing~~~ :smiley:

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Ha Anthony, it is a bit much but I do like the setup, because it is attached to the wall I have enough space to keep an easel and shadow box setup just behind the big drawing board. I can use it for still lives and if I ever finish the LOD drawing the LOP will happen there!


Nice! When can I move in? :slight_smile:

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