October sketches


these are super, you get such a 3d effect in your expressions, are they all charcoal & chalk? how important is the paper to the way you do things, i’ve been using a cheap and small (A5) sketchbook with very smooth paper in it but starting to suspect that’s maybe not helping when i try using charcoal in it.

thanks man. most of them are charcoal, in some cases with white pastel pencil also. a couple are pen. i use toned paper if i’m going to use white pencil with it, and white paper otherwise.

smoothness of paper could be an issue. charcoal benefits from having some “tooth” to grab. the strathmore toned paper sketchbook i have is actually pretty smooth for what it is, but charcoal works ok on it.

while most of these sketches are actually quite small, i’d definitely encourage you to experiment with some larger sizes of paper. i’ve been trying to do that myself. it’s amazing how easy it is to underestimate the effect of width of pencil line relative to your available drawing space, on how well space is utilized. if that makes sense? basically, a larger pad gives your pencil a lot more room to breath and makes it easier to modulate line widths to your advantage. i’ve only done a couple larger scale sketches, but i’m looking forward to doing more.

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Great work.

Awesome EE! I must admit though, the last one actually made me laugh out loud. LOL!