Oil Color Palettes throughout History

Great blog run by Chicago based illustrator Aaron Miller. His focus is with fantasy and science fiction. Working in digital and traditional mediums Aaron creates illustrations for books, games, and the like. He is honored to have been an Illie nominee as well as having been published in Spectrum, BlueCanvas, Exposé, Fantasy+, and ImagineFX magazine.

"As a painter I often hear mention of colors the masters used in our past. Then when trying to find those palettes I tend to come up short on information. So, now when I do track down that information I have a place for it that I can share with everyone as well. Feel free to send me a color palette of a painter that I have not found or even corrections to the ones I have posted if I’m off in any way.

From this information you can try out some colors you may not have given thought to. And many artists will also tell you they don’t put out every color in their palette for every painting. I’m a huge fan of the limited palette." -Aaron Miller