Overshooting Reflected Lights Exercise

One of the most “overshot” family of values is what is often defined as "reflected lights.” These values, often observed most prominently within the realm of shadow, tend to be perceived as far, far lighter then they truly are (due to mechanisms of perception)—thus leading to decreased contrast between the more global, averaged light/shadow separation, resulting in a diminishment of overall perceived form/volume. Without using Photoshop, see if you can correctly identify the value (1-5 shown on the right) that most closely corresponds to the LIGHTEST value observed within the large, far right shadow region indicated by the arrow.


(I included a region map (in red) at the bottom to confirm the target location.)

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I struggled with this because the swatches on the right are surrounded by white which I think is influencing how I see it. After I made my guess I went in photoshop and learned that I was as wrong as possible :rage:


Absolutely Tony! All of those visual perception demonstrations that I share are not really helpful unless we keep the principles in mind when jumping into an observational representationalist effort. On the upside—you quickly identified the contextual disparity. :wink: