Resource accuracy

Hi artists;)

Speaking about painting from printed photos, what kind of resolution the photo has you would like to work from? Do you ever care about how the colors are printed by your printers and compared them with the original images in your digital wallet? Have you experimented with printers and cared ever to what colors their ink cartridges/tanks do contain and how many colors are there because you want more accuracy in prints colors that fit the gamut as close as possible of the resource? What types/brands of printers you usually use and why?

I currently use Pixma Canon that contains five ink cartridges; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and grey in addition to pigment black cartridge which does seem not consumed fast as you may know … I found that the grey one adds an advantage to how the colors look… thank you.


I have the same printer Yasser (Canon Pixma TS8220) and it works just fine for me. On average, my reference materials are printed at 300ppi (on Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II), with the managing of color left to the printer (not Photoshop or other…) It’s important to note though that I am not overly concerned with exact color matching. I just get into the ballpark and defer to the relationships I need to communicate the subject in the best way possible relative to my palette.