RESOURCE:Classical Lab

A wonderfully informative resource on the Munsell Color System:

From the site:

"The mission of The Classical Lab is to develop products and educational materials to further the pursuit and understanding of fine art by coupling the formal methods and rigor of pure scientific inquiry with a commitment to the highest reaches of classical aesthetics. We develop educational training, tools and apps for artists, and also provide color consultation services to artists, science and industry. We believe in strong concept and strong craft, and seek to further the fine arts by supporting expertise in every context.

The pursuit of excellence never ends, whether in the furthering of artistic skill through discipline and devoted training, or in shining the full light of science and rational inquiry onto subjects sometimes considered mystical and the exclusive province of “natural geniuses”, such as color theory and composition. We want people to not just make art, but to make good art, and to always be seeking to improve their skills and knowledge. The Classical Lab is driven by our open-ended commitment to support and share in this endeavor with everything we can bring to bear upon it."