Self-portrait from Memory Challenge!


(Anthony Waichulis) #1

OK—no laughing… (LoL! -OK, maybe a little) Here’s a fun challenge: Try and draw yourself from memory in under 20 minutes. No mirrors, no photos, or anything like that. Use only a mental representation.

I had fun with this (but my head is sooo fat…) #20minuteselfportraitfrommemorychallenge

Good Luck and Happy Drawing!

(Nanci France-Vaz) #2

I recognize that guy!!! lol that is a great exercise. I have to try that! 20 minutes??? wow!!!

(Anthony Waichulis) #3

You should try it Nanci! :smiley:

(Nanci France-Vaz) #4

I intend too after this fundraiser ball tomorrow night. As long as life doesnt get in way. I think i had enough if not painting:)))

(Van Crombrugge Marc) #5

Mine is definitely not a piece of art but nevertheless there is a resemblance to me…but maybe also to some kind of train robber or other crook.

(Anthony Waichulis) #6

Thanks for sharing MARK! It’s a challenging task to be sure–but you have seemd to pull of a strong contour. Nice work. :smiley: