Smartermarx free for everyone as of June 1st

Greetings all,

I would first like to take a moment to thank each and every subscriber in our creative community for all of the ongoing support during the first five years of Smartermarx. Your subscriptions have allowed us to get to a point where we can continue to grow this special resource without the necessity of an ongoing paywall. Leah and I launched this subscription-based project back in 2017, hoping to find an efficient and effective way to make our educational resources available in an organic way to garner feedback and insights from the many creatives within our sphere. The 1$ per month subscriptions allowed us to offset many of the costs of building, hosting, and cultivating this site. However, this project has reached a point where it is now feasible for me to see to all of the costs myself and make the resource freely available to everyone. I know this would have made Leah happy.

For those that have already paid a subscription for this year: All subscription renewal plans will be halted as of today. Please know that any subscriptions already paid will provide me with a significant advantage in continuing to offset existing costs during this transition from a subscription paywall service to free access. However, if any current subscriber feels that the launching of this new phase is unfair to them, a request for a prorated refund can be submitted to administrator Anya Dribas at: She will review and consider any requests in a timely manner.

I truly hope that this is exciting news for all. I also hope that this community will continue growing and cultivating quality artistic and educational resources.

Again, to all the supporters of this special community,

We thank you.

Anthony, Anya, and Sheena.


Thank you so much for your generosity though it was really cheap and anyone could join this fantastic platform.

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Thank you Yasser! :heart: