Start of Ellipse exercises

First layers of one row…turning towards the viewer. More layers should bring them more to life.


ok Bev…you’re showing us up. Where are these exercises??? Language of Painting here i come? these are great!!!
This is a DB for sure :sunglasses:

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Nanci, thank you. These are very rough so far…far from being finished! I have a lot of refining to do on them yet but I am finally getting the hang of them. So far they are exceedingly the hardest part of the LoP program. It took all my courage to get back to them after having a bad start with them the beginning of April. Anyways, now that I’m back at them I can’t even see what my big deal was with avoiding them. They are tough to do, and I think it was more because I wasn’t quite sure what was expected to do them in paint. Anyhow, I decided to dive in and get over myself and just get to them. Lol!