Various works

Gulp… here I go. Here’s a few of my works, ranging across various media. My current end-goal is representational realism, I guess I’d say. Not photo-realism, photos are my other hobby :wink:

The tree is my first piece ever so, just it posting to share progress.These are in semi-accurate chronological order over the past year. The biggest issue I’m currently fighting (as seen in the ballerina and horse sketches at the bottom) is keeping proportion semi-accurate on more complex forms. My simple forms are relatively accurate (I think). All are by eye from references or still life.

Feedback welcome.

Sorry for the long post.



So glad to see you sharing your work Beth! I know that you stated that the tree was a starting point on the road to more objective realism—but I just want to share that I find the tree piece to be quite attractive. There is something about its organic stylization that I find very interesting.

In any case, you definitely have the ability to effectively pursue more objective representation as you did not seem to shy away from the technical demands of the bridge perspective piece. Hi-def realism is just a matter of determination and deliberate practice. You can indeed achieve whatever you like with good ol’ fashioned hard work.

I hope that you find our resources helpful on your continuing journey towards more objective representation. (But on a personal note, I hope that you don’t shelve your instincts on stylization altogether as your choices on that tree are truly quite interesting.)


thanks for sharing these. :+1:t2: i also like your stylization of the tree, there’s a very pleasant whimsy to it. :deciduous_tree: