Ventilated Makeup Brush Holder for Drying Paint Brushes

I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Holiday this past weekend! I wanted to share a cool device that I received from my admin Anya this Christmas. It’s a ventilated makeup brush holder that can allow my washed paint brushes to dry in a way that will stop water from accumulating/sitting in the ferrule as such pooling may negatively affect the brush. This device will easily fit my small to medium size brushes which is fine since I use them most often (thus they are washed most often.) I am hopeful that this will extend brush life. Here’s the link to the one I now have:

Aniiche Makeup Brush Holder, Dustproof Blush Brush Storage Box.

Additional types/styles:

  1. No dust cover drying rack.
  2. With dust cover drying rack. 1
  3. With dust cover drying rack. 2
  4. Makeup Brushes Holder Organizer
  5. Make up Brush Holder Cosmetic Storage Box

Anya picked up another handy tool she found for her sister-in-law, who is an actual makeup artist: Makeup Brush Cleaner - Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine, if someone would like to try it out.

BTW–If you haven’t seen my video from LOP on brush washing/bristle tying you can watch it here:

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