VIDEO: Even Application for Transparent/Semi-Transparent Paints

GREAT demo Tony…we all have a problem with the glare and a differentiation of values because the layer you paint isn’t an even coat. Its a bronzer brush btw…its so women’s fac bronzer doesn’t turn to orange!!!

I was a makeup artist for years, so I know what you are saying about evening out the strokes is spot on:))) Thanks so much for the share of your knowledge. I love it!!!


I love that you can identify those brushes. I just keep saying “makeup” brushes for all if them, but I’m sure each one has a specific function. Thanks Nanci!

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They do and for what you are using it for…you are intuitive with the touch of what it was made to do. I have to get a set as I ruing those rosemary brushes and keep buying them lol

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another killer demo AW. I did these a looong way back time ago. But you know what??? great to always practice doing them again:) Sometimes we forget turning the form with increment of gradation:))) I am so glad to be on this today for a bit!

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