Maintaining Methodologies

I created a short video that addresses some of the questions that I receive regarding the differences in process between the my alla prima studies and my more resolved/refined works. The short answer is that my methodology stays the same—(with the exception of my adaptations for the “constricting factors” that we place on the alla prima challenges. My “regular” alla prima studies (like the one shown in this video) are much more similar in dynamic to what I carry out in small sections on my high-resolution pieces. I hope you find this helpful!

Happy Painting!


I loved your little vid explanation of how you work. One of the things I always take away is that you are consistent in your work, ideologies and beliefs:) and so, unlike other work I am seeing lately, yours has a more refined look in the end… which I like::sunglasses:

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very cool - thanks!

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I never get over the magic of watching an image appear by just using a bit of paint and a brush. Thanks!

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