Waichulis Form Box

The Form box is an essential tool for the Waichulis Curriculum as it further bridges the conceptual gap between the two dimensional image and the three dimensional world. The Gradation Patterns that are done prior to the Form Box are actually slightly abstracted representations of potential Form Box sections. This fact should make some aspects of the form box exercise seem somewhat familiar.

The forms often begin as white for use with the Language of Drawing and are later painted for use with the Language of Painting.

The original box itself contains several basic geometric solids, or ‘forms’, that can be configured in a way to compare and contrast the way light describes each. The manner in which light describes each form will reveal how we may create a representation of that same form on a drawing or painting surface.

While the Form Box is not currently available commercially, we do provide the plans for the Waichulis Form Box for free in the event that you choose to build one for yourself: http://www.waichulisstudiostore.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/WaichulisFormBoxPlans.pdf

Additionally, there are a number of online sources for geometric solids (specifically a sphere, cylinder, cone and cube). A quick web search for “geometric solids” should get you on your way.

You can see here the many ways in which the form box can be configured. Different protruding and recessing forms can be compared against each other. Students carefully study how the different forms react to the light and to each other. As some of the color forms are introduced a new level of interaction among the forms can be observed. Just as with the Gradation Pattern exercises, an artist preparing to tackle the form box should carefully observe each form’s color, value range and rates of change.

Here is a glimpse at a several Form Box exercises from the Ani Art Academy Waichulis:






Not sure if you are aware, but this company is advertising your form box commercially…



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Thanks Sha!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate so many people looking out for our interests. Composimold indeed has our permissions to create the form box. In fact, they are the company that made all of ours at launch. They do a GREAT job, but the product is costly (which is why we do not sell them personally.)

My wife Leah has been working on a way to make them cheaper using 3D printing, but it is still “in the works.”

It helps that you are looking or for the interests of others. :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the 3D printing; had considered doing the same.

Do you think Leah would mind if I reached out to her and asked how the project is going? Maybe I can help? I have access to printers here in Baltimore. The beds aren’t large, but they could accommodate these forms, I wager.

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By all means please do!!! You can contact her here on Smartermarx ( @LWaichulis ) or via email at leahfw@gmail.com.


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