Question on edges

(Mark Oberfest) #1

I am having a thought time making sharp edges when it is called for. I tried using painters tape but due to the texture of the panels I am using some paint goes under the tape. I am using the trekkel primed boards which I like although I think they probably have more tooth than home made boards the way that Anthony instructs to make them (I just don’t have time or space). Any suggestions on brushes or methods? I looked back at my dvds and there is a good part where you do edges but I just can’t seem to get them really tight and clean. Thx

(Anthony Waichulis) #2

I have some solutions for you Mark. I’ll actually film something this afternoon if I have the time—if not hopefully tomorrow morning. Either way—I’m on it.

(Mark Oberfest) #3

Thx Anthony appreciate it. I am in a major painting block. Very frustrating.

(Anthony Waichulis) #4

Here you go Mark!

(Mark Oberfest) #5

Amazing. Thanks Anthony so much. Appreciate as always

(Anthony Waichulis) #6

Always a pleasure Mark!!!