PAINTING:VIDEO:Using a Stylus in Early Painting Layers

Here is a 15 minute(+/-) demonstration of how I use a stylus in the earliest stages of a painting. Such tools can be very useful for generating constructions and guidelines.

UPDATE: 7/1/2020: Replaced original video with a higher-res version.


Great tip! I’m curious to give this a try in a higher detailed area.Thanks. :slight_smile:


Is the stylus you’re using one you made? I can’t find one that holds like a pen and now that I’ve seen that one I’m convinced I need the same :slight_smile:

Looking online is hard because its mostly for electronic devices.

The ones I’ve seen at the art store aren’t really “pen” like and are more for sculpting and not perfectly straight. Woodworking/ceramic/scratchboard ones also have rounded edges.

I’ll keep looking but it you had a link/source I’d be grateful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Tony—yes, the ones that I used in the video were ones that I had made\modified. Let me see if I can find the ones I bought to modify. I’ll share the links here.


Hi Tony…just watched this video. It was awesome.

Where can I get a stylus like yours? I am having the same problem tonyL is having. They don’t look like yours or appear to do the same thing:(

I’ll gather up the sources for the ones I have today Nanci and post them here.

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I was sure I’d already clicked like in the post. Stuggling with the lines so thought rewatch. See if I missed anything.

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That was fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing the video! Terrific information-- looking forward to trying this. Much thanks!!!

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Super helpful. Thanks.

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I ordered a scratchboard stylus from Blicks. It might work but it looked a bit clumsy to use. The stylus is extra long. I’m awaiting delivery but I’ll update when I get to use it.

The link was definitely broken so I removed the comment. Hopefully @TonyL might have another one?

I can’t see from this chain what link was broken. :frowning:

Hey @TonyL—it was this link:

This is the one I have.

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Awesome!!! Thanks Tony~~~ :smiley:

Thanks for the link. I previously had searched Blick for " stylus". Now, I see I should have used the word “awl” …I have it on order. Yay!

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Hope it helps!

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Would you use a stylus inside circle template in a similar way to make completely precise circles?

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Definitely Tony! Although I often use a compass or a set of dividers for circles.

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