Chapter heading Illustrations for YA novel I've written

Is there any kind of tape to frame the drawing that doesn’t rip off parts of the paper when you’ve finished?


You can always use low-tack tape. Something like Scotch Removable Tape seen here:



But better yet I would recommend using a magnetic board with magnets to secure a drawing paper. That is what wee do here and it works great!

Beautiful drawings BTW! I absolutely love those shards on the surface on the baby doll heads piece. Bravo!!!

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I’m not using the tape to secure the paper to the board. I’m using the tape to mask the area of the drawing so that the edges are straight. I don’t think this tape will work for that. I have artists’ tape and painter’s tape. The blue seems to tear the paper. I’m trying the artists tape (white) now. I’ll see what happens.

Thank you. I feel like I could spend a lot more time really blending and shading but I’m not sure if it’s really necessary or not. I kind of like that it feels like a drawing a bit and not a photograph.

Nice work, Alexandra!!

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