A few old pen & ink sketches

(Bryan Ewald) #1

a few small pen sketches from 2014 or so. i remember approaching these as a challenge to myself to prioritize abstracted areas of value, and to communicate them using only line patterns/weights. there was to be no actual cross-hatching or shading, with value relying solely on line density/direction, and minimal outlining (and being ink, no going back to correct any mistakes). often times i found myself getting better results in sketching practice when i would impose these little made-up sets of rules/criteria for myself, as opposed to leaving myself free to fuss about without parameters. while not two-tone per se, these struck me as vaguely similar in spirit to the notan exercises we do at the waichulis school (which i am sorely undisciplined with – something about sketching with charcoal just makes you want to shade!) :slight_smile:


(Anthony Waichulis) #2

These are just fantastic Bryan!!! I love examining all of the intricacies throughout. Thank you for sharing.

(Dan Christian) #3

These are great Bryan!!

(Leah Waichulis) #4

Really nice work Bryan! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :slight_smile:

(Bert van der Laan) #5

I like your inkwork very much! The last one reminds me a bit of the inkwork done by Peter van Straaten. Do you know him, perhaps?

(Jeffrey Hayes) #6

Awesome - love the pavilion

(Bryan Ewald) #7

no, but i looked him up & i like his style! :+1:t2:

(Alex Jove) #8

These are excellent!

(Nanci France-Vaz) #9

these sketches are great!!! I especially like the second one down…very cool!