A question of insurance, what do you do?

It seems more and more that galleries and other venues are opting out of insuring work for any reason (loss, theft, damage). Certainly it is chipping away at any profit the artist can realize.
Most of my works are small - less than 11"x14". I have had two pieces stolen, one from a college show and one from a respected gallery here in the Annapolis, MD area.
I contacted our insurer for household, car, etc. and the conclusion is that it is not cost effective to insure work. In other words, the cost of insuring a piece would be more than the value of the work.
Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place, where can I find affordable insurance?


That is a great question Deb. Let’s bring this up at the upcoming Zoom roundtable and see what people have to say.

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I had a small painting stolen from a show before. The gallery’s insurance covered it. The gallery sent me a check for the full amount with a note saying the thief had good taste in art.