A Study of Titanium White Oil Paints (PW6) from Neilson Ferreira

A wonderful video from colleague Nelson Ferreira regarding Titanium White:

Learn to choose the best brands of Titanium White Oil Paints (PW6), for extra longevity for your artworks. This video impartial review will focus on how to prevent the darkening of white oil paints in an art studio without natural light. You will also learn about cracking of oil paintings, a widespread ailment exacerbated by some manufacturers mixing paints with Zinc White (PW4). Subscribe now to my Youtube platform and to my Facebook page to watch high quality free lessons on painting and drawing.

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I’ve been looking to get a titanium white lately, I’ve been using W&N griffin alkyd which is great as it dries overnight, but given the sporadic nature of my painting it could well be handy to have something that dries slower. I was looking at the Michael Harding ones but have had the Old Holland version recommended too, any particular thoughts - the Michael Harding one certainly looks good in this video, especially as he’s removed the zinc.

I’ve got a lead white but it is kinda sticky and needs medium to work with generally, also I smudge with my fingers now and again.

I also need a slow drying black as the one I use is an alkyd also - again could use a vote of confidence for which brand and ivory/lamp/mars?