Art Competition List Template

Hi everyone!

A growing number of you have expressed interest in the spreadsheet I use to catalog art competition opportunities. I created a template that you can download here:

I think I have the share settings right, but please feel free to let me know if you have any issues opening or downloading. I included about 80 opportunities that might interest you, but once you download the list you can save a copy and curate it to your own specific needs!

My favorite feature of the list is that you can sort by deadline, putting the closest deadlines at the top. To do that, you just right click (opposite click) the letter “B” at the top to highlight the column and click “Sort Sheet A-Z” in the popup menu. That easy!

Thanks for your interest. I hope you find the list helpful!

All my best,


Awesome Rachel!!! :smiley: Thank you so much.

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