Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (02-19-2023)

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Congratulations to Natalie Featherston! Her painting Anywhere But Here (19x18", Oil on Panel) won the Best in Show prize at Art Fluent online Exhibition.

Natalie is a finalist in Richeson75 International Art Competition, Small Works 2023. Her painting Nestled (6x6x2", on a 3D Panel) will be on display at the Richeson School of Art & Gallery in March. The Richeson75 competitions are meant to offer a venue in which established and emerging artists may show their latest, best work to a wide and appreciative audience.

This past session, Anthony and Alexandra opened a discussion about the role and potential value of incorporating an “Art Business Coach” into your general creative/business growth strategy. Below are some of the links to coaches that Alexandra was looking at. While Anthony was very skeptical of their effectiveness, he wanted to share all of the links here so that you can evaluate them for yourself if you wish.
The Scouted Studio
The Abundant Artist
The Artist Entrepreneur
Art Business Coach
Private Art Business Coaching
Artist coaching services

This week, in addition to business coaching, the concept of image licensing was brought up. Two platforms through which one can license images that were mentioned were:

While researching some advertised resources for artists this past week, Anthony came across The initial advertisements seemed highly dubious to him. For example, they claim that (without quoting ANY prices) they will build your website, run it, and maintain all your social media FOR LIFE. Now, the latter part is the first red flag, as there exists ZERO guarantee that the business itself will survive any significant length of time (let alone your potential lifetime.) Second, such a company can only maintain your website and social media if you first provide THEM with the content. So, why not just upload it to said site instead of uploading it to them? This is a classic “unnecessary middle-man.” Then, as Anthony understands it, to get any price quote, you must agree to an online/phone presentation. Second-hand parties have reported that plans start with an initial cost in the 1-3K range, then tack on a monthly subscription fee, and some even take a portion of your sales. I would consider this to be a predatory company for aspiring creatives. I urge all members to avoid companies like this, but if you want, you can follow the above link and do the research yourself.

Alla prima Challenges.

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