Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (08-07-2022)

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Congratulations to Jamie Lindholm! Her drawing David (Charcoal and White Chalk, 17x11") was selected as a Finalist in this year’s Strokes of Genius 14 competition by the Artists Network. It will be included in The Best of Drawing Magazine , November 2022 issue.

We are looking forward to viewing Jamie’s 3D Gallery exhibition of her The J Lu Hoo Project: Bird Patterns.
These works are currently on display at the Hartman Gallery at Regis University, Denver, Colorado.

Please join artist Donald Jurney and Ginny Williams (owner of Williams Fine Art Dealers) in a new exciting endeavor. Both of them have long dreamed of finding a way to sell art that meets the demands of today’s collectors while supporting the artist more than the traditional gallery model. Art Niche is their brainchild.
Please take a look at the booklet linked here to learn more, and share with other artists you think would benefit from this model.

Make sure to check out Julie’s Beck recorded workshop - Everything but the Paint. Prepare yourself for a tsunami of information about all the things related to being a professional painter, other than the actual painting/drawing/etc. Julie had a 10-year career in graphic design and video editing and after leveling up her work with atelier training, she decided to transition her focus to making art her life. In this webinar, she will share her experiences, advice, and recommendations on building a sustainable art practice from the ground up. If you’ve taken a class with Julie before, you know her approach is down-to-earth and can aid artists of any skill level.

Show Reminder!
Two of Mark’s McDermott works: Preserve, 12x14, Oil on Panel, and Once Upon a Time, 6x6, Oil on Panel will be on display at Salmagundi Club, NY, as a part of the non-members’ juried show. The show opens on August 5th., 2022.

Thank you, Suzanne Batchelor for recommending The Sovereign Artist Club. We’ve entered the Sovereign Artist Era. This era is the culmination of centuries of technological advances, bit by bit, expanding the art market. And now, some claim that artists no longer need middlemen, galleries, agents, and gatekeepers to find collectors and sell their art (As you know Anthony has a little something to say about that. LOL!) This can all be done online, digitally, and directly. The Sovereign Artist is dedicated to teaching artists how to do that, both by illuminating common, but wrong art marketing myths and by showing you how to market in the new, online digital-first way.

Thank you to everyone for recommending tools for artists’ online presence.
Some website options that were mentioned:



There is a section on called The Critique Corner where you can submit your website for members’ review. Don’t be afraid to share your website–it’s a very helpful exercise for all involved.

Since you guys are building websites - I thought this information will be a good refresher.
Link Building was mentioned by Tim Dosé last year, which is in the field of search engine optimization. Link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a web page to increase the search engine rankings of that page or website.

E-commerce resources for your new websites :slight_smile: Please see the list below for some commonly used payment processors.

This is just a follow-up to the last week’s zoom discussion - there will be a Fall Photoshop Class, and Anthony and Anya will do their best to make it streamable.

The subject of celebrities who are also artists came up this past session.
Here are a few examples:
Johnny Depp
Bob Dylan
Gene Simmons
Prince Charles
Pierce Brosnan
Anthony Hopkins
Anna Sorokin (Anna Delvey)
Jim Carrey
Sylvester Stallone
George W Bush
Seth Rogen
and many more.

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