Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Sessions Follow Up Letter (11-29-20)

Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Sessions Follow Up Letter

Artist Round Table Zoom Bi-Monthly Sessions Follow Up Letter

Greetings, you are receiving this newsletter because you are registered for our Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Sessions. We will be sending a follow-up newsletter like this after each session to highlight the key points that were discussed. We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to see some Family and Friends. Stay Healthy and Safe. Let us look forward to Christmas and a better New Year!!!

Please take a moment to check out this The Color Study video by Julie Beck. Julie is an instructor and the Assistant Director of ARA Boston. She is currently working out of her personal studio at ARA Boston, where she is developing a body of work that explores the concepts of nostalgia, relationships, and identity.

Julie has a wide variety of instructional videos on her YouTube Channel.

Portrait Society of America Ambassador Nanci France-Vaz will host a Zoom Session on Examining Pictorial Composition on Wednesday, December 2nd, 6-8 pm EST.
From Nanci: “Please consider joining us for an evening of Q&A regarding all things composition with guest artist and educator, Anthony Waichulis. Many of us have been faced with a litany of so-called “rules” when trying to build an effective image: Rule of Thirds, Rule of Odds, Leading Lines, Resting Places, Central Focal Points, Dynamic Symmetry, Golden Ratio, Central Horizon, etc. Many of these long-standing ideas can indeed serve as useful heuristics in certain contexts—but do they actually function as advertised? Come and engage in what I hope will be a lively discussion as we scratch the surface of this often complex topic.
For those that would like to read up on Anthony’s approach to this topic, you can browse through his seven-part primer on the subject, downloadable for free, on his webpage here: Resources | Art and Articles. To learn more about Anthony’s efforts, you can visit his website here:
If you wish to join the discussion please contact Nanci for instructions:

Below is an example of similar artists we talked about.
Malcolm T. Liepke and Milt Kobayashi.

We are excited for Debbie Kommalan who is participating in The Year of the Woman Art Show. Crystal Moll Gallery is celebrating the Year of the Woman by showcasing works by 14 Women Artists! The show is on the display through January 9, 2021.

Can the aspect of the process be perceived in a final product? The question that Kim Beom may answer in his Yellow Scream Painting video. The video has over a million views and counting. Here are some comments about the video: There are two types of artists: Kim Beom and Bob Ross. Art school in a nutshell. I like how he uses different screams for different shades.
Below are some resources that were Round Table Session

Deviate:The Science of Seeing Differently by Beau Lotto. Beau Lotto, the world-renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and two-time TED speaker, takes us on a tour of how we perceive the world, and how disrupting it leads us to create and innovate. Perception is the foundation of human experience, but few of us understand why we see what we do, much less how. By revealing the startling truths about the brain and its perceptions, Beau Lotto shows that the next big innovation is not a new technology: it is a new way of seeing.

Here is the text Anthony mentioned that he wrote regarding Pictorial Composition: A Primer on Pictorial Composition (I-VII) 2016, 215 pgs.

“Any path to effective visual communication must begin with the one factor that determines our ability to elicit meaning from visual stimuli, allows for our experience of aesthetic quality, and facilitates successful communication–our biology. A Primer on Pictorial Composition is a seven-part walk-through of the many exciting and insightful contributions from modern vision science, empirical aesthetics, neuroaesthetics, cognitive psychology and evolutionary psychology that can augment or replace many of the long-standing heuristics that continue to guide contemporary compositional efforts.” Download the full PDF here: a-primer-on-pictorial-composition-_anthony-waichulis

Anthony also mentioned a paper regarding Canonical Perspective. This is the citation but he could not find a direct link to the paper that wasn’t behind a paywall. Here is the citation if you are interested. You might be able to dig around and find it: Palmer, S. et al. “Canonical perspective and the perception of objects.” (1981).

However, you can find some information about Canonical Perspective in his primer text. It is under the heading, Orientation/Canonical Perspective in Part VII.

In between our bi-weekly Artist Round Table Sessions feel free to come and join the discussions on Smartermarx.

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