Basic Strategies Re: Instagram Insights for Artists

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Please join Leah Waichulis and she examines the practices of highly successful artists on Instagram to see how you might use those same techniques to build your audience.

runtime: 25:51

Leah Waichulis’ Instagram for Artists Presentation:

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Leah Waichulis’ Instagram Workbook (PDF)


Thanks for sharing this! I hope everyone finds it helpful! :slight_smile: :heart:

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I’m sure they will! It was great~~~ :heart:

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Thanks so much for posting your webinar Leah!

Lately I’ve been absorbed in my latest painting projects and generally put-off and bored by social media, so I’ve been virtually nonexistent. With a background in marketing, you’d think that I’d know better, but your talk reminded me that social media is a very valuable marketing tool, I greatly appreciate the info and it was a nice wake-up call.


You’re welcome, Slade! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it. :blush: