Lets do this

hi, my name is mark and I just received the language of painting dvd’s. I am 38 and started drawing 3 years ago when my son was born (was bored in hospital, second kid…), since then I have used youtube to learn how to draw and in September of 2016 I decided to try to teach myself to paint. Much Harder as you know. I have tried many different methods and now I am here. Loving it so far. My instagram is @obsart123 where I display all of my paintings no matter how bad they are as I want to show my progress. instead of giving them titles, I just give them numbers. I have done 12 paintings, not really proud of any of them yet. my goal is to show that anyone can learn to do this. However, going to take a lot longer to accomplish that than I originally thought. I am up for it though.


Welcome Mark,

We all start somewhere, and here is great supportive place to learn and grow. Welcome to the community.


Welcome Mark!!! I am very glad to see you that you have enthusiastically jumped into the LoP. It is indeed challenging but the rewards will be demonstrable. Please know that in addition to all of the resources at your disposal—you have a supportive community here that is eager to see you succeed!

Best wishes—

Hi Mark,

Very nice to see your progress on Instagram! I look forward to see what path you will make for yourself!