Book suggestions

I thought it might be a good place to have a list of art related books :nerd:

if you have a suggestion a small description would be welcome, even if it’s a tag line such as “art and business” or “high quality paintings by Michelangelo”.


“Alla Prima” - Richard Schmid
Beginners and advanced painters alike will enjoy this book. The tone of the book is like talking to a good friend about art, and includes great humorous quotes such as “Use lots of paint and don’t worry, they will make more…”

“Artistic Anatomy” - Dr. Paul Richer and Robert Beverly Hale
One of the greatest books on anatomy there is, with medical precision both in depiction and illustration.

“The Practice and Science of Drawing” - Harold Speed
A bit dense for beginners and novices, but I think the knowledge in these pages is worth reading the book 10 times at least. Every paragraph is golden.