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When I’m driving to and from work, I get what is effectively downtime, and as that is such a precious commodity to me; I like to pack as much ‘Art’ in there as possible, so I began listening to appropriately themed podcasts a couple of years ago after I started desperately trying to learn to draw, as an attempt at stealing some extra productivity.

Now there are a lot of not so great podcasts out there, factors such as lack of useful content and poor quality audio (which is real important on a car stereo over engine noise) are real important. So I’d love to hear about any podcasts or other audio streams that any of you recommend. Here’s my list:-

Suggested Donation:-

They turned me on to a lot of artists I’d not come across - not least an interview with one Anthony Waichulis, without whom I would not be on this forum or be improving my skills so efficiently. Not bad huh! Ted and Tony are fantastic artists and both have excellent Craftsy tutorials available which I really recommend too.

The Creative Endeavour:-

Andrew Tischler- a superb (predominantly landscape) artist. The podcast has a similar format as Suggested Donation, but with just one dude and hence less cameraderie (or goofing off, depending on how you like it), good quality audio, it’s also on youtube if you like that format. Virgil Elliott is even on one episode no doubt to tell us why our umbers sink, and that liquin is Satans varnish.

The Sculptors Funeral:-

Now I’m not especially into sculpture but this podcast has such a wealth of historical information and factual content that it is really great, and of course there is good crossover as a lot of ‘famous painters’ like Michelangelo, Leonardo, etc, were of course sculptors (among other things) so there’s a lot of interesting background there too. Seriously good content. Especially if you just enjoy history in general.

Then, there are a lot of more ‘underground’ podcasts which don’t appear on Apple’s radar, so you have to find/play them via a weblink:-

Skill-Based Art:-

This has some real interesting stuff on, I discovered it relatively recently, you can listen via the soundcloud app too (handy while driving!) Think there’s some affiliation with the Art Renewal Centre, again interesting interviews with art folk.

Martinho Correia:-

The audio links aren’t that obvious but there’s some more obscure stuff here, Martinho studied and then taught at the Angel Academy for a number of years.

There are a lot of others too but that don’t quite hit the mark for me for various reasons (just my opinion - you might love them!) but they still fill an artistic gap if you’ve listened to everything else, like the Proko one ( and the Art Grind Podcast ( for example.

Will add to this if I find anything else particularly interesting, I’m very interested to hear anyone else’s input!


Very cool Martin! I’ve listened to a bunch of the Suggested Donation ones but not the others you listed. I will definitely be sure to check them out. I am particularly interested in the one. I know a several of the people they have interviewed. I’ll let you know if I come across any others…

Here’s a few to consider, the Danny Grant podcast does have audio troubles now and then, but if I’m into it enough I just put up with it, I like John Daltons “gently does it” quite a bit, Savvy painter podcast is mixed for me but has guests l get excited about now and then.


Yes! Good call on the John Dalton one @anthony803739, that is an entertaining and informative one, a large selection of different artists interviewed too.

I’ve a similar opinion of the Savvy Painter podcast as yourself - and likewise I tend to cherry pick the ones I want to hear. The Art Side of Life podcast is another one like that - there’s definitely a few in there that are worth hearing but a good deal of it isn’t always that relevant to me:-

I couldn’t get away with the Danny Grant ones, but I’ll give them another shot as there are a few more artists I’m interested in which been interviewed since I last listened to that one. Similar to that one is which is Pavel Sokov and a couple of his friends, it sounded very promising in scope at first but seems low in actual content - I’d rather hear about technique and theory rather than the artists spiritual journey; which is where a lot of shows fall down for me… But I should listen to a couple of their newer episodes and revise that opinion, as that podcast has just started off when I first listened.


Just a revision as the skill based art site seems to have had a reshuffle, most of the podcasts (via soundcloud) are now found on a different page than I first linked, so they’re now here:-

With a few other resources still scattered elsewhere via the menu links.


Thank you Martin!

Here’s a fairly new podcast I’ve been listening to lately which is decent:-

hosted by two UK based professional artists (Laura Boswell & Peter Keegan) covering all sorts of different aspects of the artistic sphere. Some of it is particularly relevant to UK business, legislation and galleries, subjects on which information is usually out of reach unless you know someone in the industry - and there’s an interview with Michael Harding which is a good listen too.


A website I came across recently which is part of the Colnaghi business empire (they were some of the first real traders of old master drawings and renaissance art around, and have been in that business a seriously long time) - so they’ve started branching out into podcasts and artistic profile raising (potentially with a purpose similar to that of the Art Renewal Center).

Their official podcast website is:- which contains more info and other resources, though all the video content they post there is more directly accessed on their vimeo page linked above.

There is also which contains links to a journal they publish periodically full of articles and expert analysis of old master paintings/drawings/history including a lot of images (many from private collections that are not generally available to the public, even on the web) I’d really recommend taking a glance at these, and around that site in general.


Rosemary & Co have recently started a series of weekly YouTube interviews with various artists:- They’ve 3 “Artist Spotlights” so far; Andrew Tischler, Dennis Perrin and Haydee-Jo Summers, Daniel James Keys is next up and more to come. There’s a bunch of other promotional and informative stuff on there which may also be of interest. I just discovered I’m even hanging around in the Michael John Angel promo video on there, red shirt, fistful of brushes = cool dude :joy:


Another one to check out is the Pencil Kings podcast.

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His guests so far include among others, Todd M. Casey, Stephen Bauman and Juliette Aristides.

It had been mentioned in an earlier thread but is well worth referencing again here:- Paul Ingbretson’s YouTube channel has nearly 200 videos now, where he regularly uploads new content doing demonstrations and discussing his (Boston School) take on all manner of art related subjects.
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I listen to many of the podcasts you all mentioned-- I’d add ARTHOLES podcast if you’re looking for something hilarious and incredibly smart. He’s just finished up a 7 part series on Freida Kahlo that’s excellent, and I also loved the Carravaggio one, too. ArtHoles Podcast


That’s right up my street, thanks! started listening to the Caravaggio one on my way into work this morning, great stuff :rofl:

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The Caravaggio series literally got me through the first impeachment hearings LOL :slight_smile: :joy: Glad you’re enjoying it, Martin! And I did make all the changes to my website you suggested- thank you!

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Here’s another older podcast I’ve just stumbled upon, a mish mash of interviews from various creatives, but including a fair few artists; including Dan Thompson, Joshua La Rock, David Cheifetz and James Gurney among many others.

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