Completed Cylinder wheel

I have completed this segment of the cylinder exercises. This section was by far the most difficult to do for me. Anyhow, in these cylinders it became quite a lot of fun using a totally white cylinder and imagining it into color using gradations not made with only black and white, but something I would see in real cylinders of color. I would suggest to anyone struggling with the repetitiousness of these exercises to find a personal way (as I have learned to do) to challenge yourself so that there is some enjoyment with creating these mundane objects. If you can do that, your work will improve significantly. As I discovered, I was able to step out of my resistance to blocking myself from forward movement, and allowing myself into the flow that felt natural. The resistance is psychological and you don’t have to know ‘why.’ I decided I have a goal to pursue for myself alone, and giving up because of resistance to an imaginary foe was not going to have any power over my pursuit of excellence.


Congratulations Bev! I am so happy that you pushed through this challenge so passionately and have shared so much about the experience with your colleagues so openly. I know that you will continue to climb to new heights with each and every challenge that is placed before you. Bravo! :smiley:

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Thank you. I can say that your support and encouragement helped to keep why I am doing this program, in front of me. It is so important to have someone who understands when the going gets tough. What’s that saying, " when the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

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