Copying other artists paintings

So, a few days ago I saw an artist sitting proudly infront of a painting that reminded me of something. I thought I had seen something similar in an issue of International Artist Magazine and I was sure that the artist of that painting was not Greek. So, it took me 2 days to check out old issues and finally I found a painting that was created from artist Ramon Gutierrez. I was frustrated but I really don’t know what one should do in such cases. Should I mind my own business? I don’t personaly know either of the two artists but I am sure pissed with the one. I will post the photos here. I really would like to know what you do about issues like this one. Because many times amature artists in fb copies my work but not an artist that has a website and sells art…

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It’s a difficult call. But I know in this digital age it is fairly easy to check on instagram (for example) for the date an artwork first appeared - so if there’s an obvious timeline that can be established of who did it first, it’s relatively easy to bring about a weight of public opinion and outrage on social media which will often cause whoever appropriated the work to, at the very least, credit the originator or even remove their derivative work out of embarrassment. No one wants to be thought of as unoriginal, right?

So if they’re not crediting the original artist, I would assume a carefully worded request for them to do so through their social media channels should be enough to let them know they’ve been rumbled. It could turn out that they’ve been in touch with the original artist and have their blessing already, it’s unlikely but not out of the question, so tread carefully. Of course if it’s you they’re ripping off, you could try directly through email/website and then if they weren’t forthcoming social media would be the way I’d approach it.

There is a grey area though if something has just been referenced, or a composition is similar, it would have to be a really obvious like for like copy to have any real case against another artist. The example you give is fairly clear cut though, where it actually looks like a direct tracing, just with different colours. I don’t know why anyone would need/want to copy that one mind, it’s a very generic scene and in my opinion would be far easier and more rewarding to set up yourself. maybe he’s not very imaginative, maybe that’s simply how he operates his business, or just maybe he has trouble keeping a woman in a specific position on a bed for a long enough time :rofl:

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:rofl::rofl: So, Heretakis posted this in 2013 I think. In International Artist Magazine there was a demo of Ramon Gutierrez green version of the same paintingg in 2008. I guess Gutierrez’s is the original. Thank you for the time to respond. Have a wonderful day!

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The Gutierrez version looks far better too. Heretakis may well have just followed the demo and happened to have it in the background of that photo which his website designer has put front and centre. It is difficult remaining impartial though when something is clearly this derivative.


One of these paintings is DEFINITELY a copy of the other. Not only is the figure almost an exact copy–but the delineated folds in the drapery to the rare as well. If the Gutiérrez version was published as a demo I would think it was the “inspiration” for the Xairetakis version. Stranger yet—it looks as though the Xairetakis painting was augmented and shared as a “portrait” on his portfolio page. (I’m guessing a possible commission?)

Anyway—here is an overlay of the two and a glimpse of the Xairetakis “evolution” of the work. (I think it’s strange in so many ways.)

I don’t think I would contact either here as I don’t think it would accomplish anything productive. The original was posted as a demo in a magazine so I would expect people to try and copy it (if to learn for no other reason.) But yes, as a professional, you would think that Xairetakis would have credited Gutiérrez with this level of faithfulness to the original.

On a personal note—I agree with Martin in that the Gutiérrez version is much better. In fact, I find the Xairetakis augment just plain creepy looking. :laughing:

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That’s what bothered me, that he shared this copy as his work on his portfolio. I think it’s one of his available works. Anyway, I agree about the creepy looking lol!! Thank you Anthony for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated!