December 2022 | Art Challenge #3 | Textures

Hi Guys!

Today’s art challenge topic is “Textures”. Draw or painting any sort of texture you like. Some ideas are: fur, water, wallpaper, fabric, skin, etc. No restriction on materials or size.

Feel free to share your creations here on Smartermarx. :grin:
Deadline is 12/06/22, end of day.

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Spent a few hours trying to learn how to texture in watercolor, it didn’t turn out at all how I hoped and kind of pooled into muddy colors, but I learned a few tricks from it & had a fun time. I can probably go over this one more time with some darker colors when it’s dry and pull some textures out tomorrow. Soft feathers that were lifted is what I was aiming for, but didn’t quite make it. I’ll try again tomorrow :smiley:


Very nice… the fluffy lil’bird feathers texture. Nailed it!

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Looks nice Maddy.

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