December 2022 Art Study Prompt Challenges

Hey Everyone,

December 2022 is approaching. How do you feel about challenging yourself with some random art study prompts? With the help of student, Kristin Middletown, I have decided to host a series of Art Study Prompt Challenges for the duration of the upcoming month. Here are the rules:

1.) The main goal is to have fun.

2.) Every two days there will be a new challenge “prompt” announced here on Smartermarx.

3.) Feel free to do all of the prompts, some of the prompts, or none of them. There is no pressure to continue your streak if you become busy. Again the main goal is to have fun. To challenge yourself is secondary.

4.) You may decide to translate each prompt realistically, surrealistically, abstractly, etc.

5.) You can use whatever materials (watercolors, #2 graphite pencil, oils, etc) you would like to practice with. The classic pencil and sketchbook is recommended if you are short on time and materials.

6.) Technique and style of medium application will mostly be up to you. Certain prompts might have specifications you must match. (Cross-hatch/ two-tone/ etc.)

7.) Feel free to share your results here on the respective Smartermarx thread!

The first prompt will be posted on December 1st, 2022. Stay tuned!