Digital drawing process

Hello everybody. I leave here a guide for my method of digital painting.

I apologize for any mistakes in my English.

Lucas Redondo


Thank you so much Lucas!!!

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Cool. Excellent work. Thankyou for sharing your process Lucas.

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Hello John. Thank you. It is my pleasure!

Hi Anthony. My pleasure! If okay, I will show some more of my digital paintings in this section.


Please do Lucas! :smiley:

Hello everybody.

I would like to share some snapshots of my new digital drawing series.

You can see here the beginning and final rendering of detail, of two different motives.

Although there are many ways to achieve similar results, I try to make this process as simple and as close to my “traditional” drawing process as I can. I limit myself to work in just one layer and to use only three different brushes (one pen brush for blocking in, and two texture brushes for carving out detail).

For the next step (colorizing) I will apply a kind of “digital glazing” by overlaying a couple of layers on top, and playing with their different blending modes.

This is the first stage of these two motives, which will be used as the main element in a more complex compositions.

I hope to be able to show the final image soon.



Absolutely amazing Lucas! Thank you so much for sharing these~~~~ :smiley:

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It is my pleasure! Thank you for letting me share my work.

Be nice to see a shot between these two stages

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Hello John,

Sure! Here I leave one shot for each image, were you can see lines and textures not yet fully blended.

I usually post some shots of my process on my Facebook and Instagram. Please have a look by following these links:

From my next post I will include several shots of the process here too :grinning:/